Appeninn started the renovation of the port and the development of a hotel


Works have been started in the port area in Balatonfüred, where, in its capacity as majority owner of the operating corporation, Appeninn Nyrt. is planning an extensive port and hotel development project The company aims at further increasing the attractiveness of the area from the aspect of tourism by the port and the related hotel facilities in line with the company’s updated strategy published earlier this year.

Construction works have begun in the area of the Balatonfüred port. The development project includes the complete renovation of the port, and the development of a premium category hotel in the uninhabited area of the centre part of Balatonfüred. In January 2020, Appeninn Nyrt. became the majority owner of the Balatonfüred port, having purchased a 76% stake of Solum-Invest Ingatlanfejlesztő és Üzemeltető Kft.

By way of the complete renovation of the port, which can accommodate more than 170 sail boats, and the reconstruction of the pier, not only the general, everyday functions are to be provided, but the corporation also aims at turning this into an even more attractive place for sail boat communities and sail boat competitions. The entire development project – with regard to which Solum-Invest Kft. submitted a proposal in the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program for the development of the pier and the accommodation – is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The construction works of the hotel started with deep construction. According to the plans of Appeninn Nyrt., the four-star facility will have more than 100 rooms, and will not only be open seasonally, but throughout the entire year, meeting the holiday needs of present times.

In the updated strategy published earlier this year, a main focus area was tourism property development. The development project in Balatonfüred is well aligned with these intentions. The management of Appeninn Nyrt. believes that with the completion of the works, the resort area will become a true gem of the town and a significant centre point of sailing on Balaton, which will also contribute to the growth of the local economy. The factors of sustainability and the interests of locals are taken into account by the company in the course of the development.