Appeninn Plc. has started the renovation of Club Aliga


Renovation works have started in the area of Club Aliga in Balatonvilágos. Along with the demolition of accident prone, untended buildings and the recultivation of the green areas, Appeninn Plc., listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange, is set to start the comprehensive modernisation of the resort. Consequently, the beach and the port area will be renovated by this season thanks to which Balaton tourism will be enriched by a new tourism centre, and locals and resort owners will be gifted with up-to-date relaxation facilities.

The first focus of modernisation is the area of the lakeside beach and the port. These areas will be renovated by this summer. The recultivation of the green area populated by overgrown, invasive species and significantly sick plants is being started. New restrooms will be built on the beach, the playground will also be renovated, and by way of numerous other facilities, beach-goers, sailors and visitors will have a much more pleasurable time there. The operation of the resort area will be coordinated by Pro-Mot Hungária Ltd in the future.

The port will further be renovated to a greater extent: from the fall of next year, Appeninn Plc. is expected to have finished the construction of a completely new port and beach restaurant with a two-year project, further strengthening the position of Club Aliga in Balaton’s sailing scene. For this purpose, Pro-Mot Hungary Ltd., the subsidiary of Appeninn Plc. entered a port development tender in the scope of Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program, which provides attractive financing options for the modernisation and expansion of the port that has serious potentials from the aspects of sailing tourism at Lake Balaton, but has been neglected by the owners.

In the Northern part of the resort area, in the so-called Aliga2 section, the demolition of several accident-prone, shut-down buildings, which had been neglected and sealed off for a long time, as well as the recultivation of the overgrown greenery around these building have been started. This phase of the development is related to the establishment of an attractive construction property, the sale of which would support the financing of the comprehensive renovation of the entire facility.

Furthermore, Appeninn Plc. also plans to renovate the run-down accommodation facility located in the area of Club Aliga. Based on the plans, a 3 or 4 star hotel will be built housing 150-200 rooms. Connected to the hotel, sport facilities, playgrounds, shops and coffee shops will also be built. Based on the plans, the project of several HUF billions may be completed by the end of 2023, related to which Pro-Mot Hungária Ltd. also submitted a tender in the scope of the Kisfaludy Program.

In terms of the above development concepts, Appeninn Plc. is permanently in close coordination with the municipality of Balatonvilágos and the local community. The company is ready to involve further market co-investors in order to establish a renovated and attractive resort area by way of comprehensive developments in the area of the bad quality facilities neglected for a long time, which were bought by the company in 2019.

According to Tamás Bernát, Chairman and CEO of Appeninn Plc., the comprehensive renovation of Club Aliga is closely aligned with the company’s new strategy, where tourism and especially the development of ports and accommodation by Lake Balaton play a special role.  Appeninn addresses the work as a listed company committed towards development, and all other circumstances are given for the successful renovation of the resort area having been neglected for decades.

The expert also added that this project is a great example for the value-saving and value-creating attitude, which is typical to all of the company’s projects. This project will provide a new tourism centre for the tourism at Lake Balaton, accessible and up-to-date relaxation facilities to locals and resort owners, and excellent yield generating capacity to the investors.