Appeninn Holding is the majority owner of Club Aliga


Club Aliga in Balatonvilágos was transferred to Appeninn Plc. due to the fact that Appeninn BLT Ltd. concluded the transaction related to the acquisition of 74.99% of PRO-MOT Hungária Ingatlanfejlesztő Ltd. by way of the payment of the entire purchase price.

PRO-MOT Hungária Ltd. owned the area of Club Aliga of 37 hectares, a port area of 167 moorings, as well as the asset management rights of a property section of further 10 hectares owned by the Hungarian government. The total value of transactions was more than EUR 14.1 million. PRO-MOT Hungária Kft., a 100% subsidiary of Appeninn Holding concluded the transactions related to the acquisition of the majority ownership of PRO-MOT by way of the signing of the closing minutes, the payment of the purchase price and the purchase of the claims against the company.

The parties announced the signing of the sale and purchase agreement last summer, and the transactions were finally concluded on 29 January 2019 due to prolonged due diligence and asset evaluation procedures. The total value of the sale and purchase transaction was more than EUR 14.1 million.

Club Aliga, which is a former party resort on a total area of 47 hectares, was privatised in 2007. An area of 37 hectares out of the entire facility as well as a port section of 167 moorings were purchased by PRO-MOT Hunágria Ltd. In March 2007, the Israeli investor also acquired, from the Treasury Property Directorate, the asset management rights of the remaining 10 hectares, which had been owned by the government. .

Appeninn Holding aims at the implementation of tourism development projects in the area of Club Aliga, subsequent to the review of the decade-long development project prepared by the previous owner. If necessary, the company will work out a new development concept for the utilisation of the property, in the scope of which, the local government and resort owners will also be addressed.